★ nginx playground ★

a wizard zines project

What's this?

It's like codepen for nginx -- you paste in an nginx config, and then a server starts nginx for you and runs any curl or http command you want against that nginx server.

Does it really run nginx?

Yes. Every time you hit "run", it'll start an instance of nginx 1.21.

What services are running on the host?

There's a forked version of go-httpbin running on port 7777. It responds to every request by echoing back the method, headers, URL, and body as JSON.

How's the security?

There's no validation on what kinds of nginx configs you can use, and I'm sure there's some way to you run arbitrary code. Please don't do anything too malicious, I guess? The frontend is a static site, so all you can do is compromise a mostly stateless backend API server.

Your nginx runs in a separate network namespace that's disconnected from the host, so it's not able to make requests to the outside world.

I wouldn't paste anything extremely sensitive into this site, but you probably shouldn't be pasting sensitive things into random internet websites anyway :)

Where's the server code?

Here's the Github repository. The backend is in api/ and the frontend is in static/.

Who made it?

Julia Evans